Do you want to be a really great innovator?

Yes?  Then, hey!   Please stay just a minute.  We know this is just a VERY basic landing page.

But from  30th September 2017, this site will be the dynamic home of Innovating Cosmos  
             - a global network of professional innovators and would-be innovators.  
                - dedicated to  making you a great innovator… by marshalling for you new learning, opportunities, local and global teams, resources and markets. ​

Below - by sending us an email - you can register NOW to become an Early Bird Foundation Member.  No cost.  But there is responsibility:  You commit actually to innovate - collaboratively. 

Also right now you can be a very early subscriber to the Innovating Cosmos Podcasting Channel:  

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As a community, we work collaboratively to turn big problems, into big opportunities for innovating...  

Through the community you can become a massterful innovator.

We  'democratise innovating' in two ways. First, by providing every member with every conceivable know-how, talent, opportunities and  resources ever needed.  

And, second, against the background of the increasing polarisation of rich and poor, we make the practice and benefits of innovating available to all - not just to global elites.

As a member, you access four sorts of project opportunities:

1.     Those created by others
2.     Those you've thought of but want to keep close to you
3.     Those you're working on, but would like to get other members of Innovating Cosmos to assist you with
4.      Those you've thought of, but want to 'give away' so other members might work on them. 
For each of these, as appropriate, Innovating Cosmos faciliates gathering a team.   Gathering the resources.  And making it possible for the innovation to actually happen.  Collaboratively.  

And you and your team, share in the returns and rewards. 
Initially we innovate for 7 key human areas:
Our world literally teems with areas where disruptive or incremental innovation is called  for.  But here is a short sleection of just some of them the Innovating Cosmos community is working on...

1.      Any area where you as an innovator have a passion and welcome collaboration
2.      Any of the world's 'intractable' problems - global warming, waste, terrorism, corruption, water...
3.      Services and products for the poor, impoverished, disadvantaged, powerless, homeless 
4.      Each and every tired organisation and out-of-date institution which need to be innovated, and then innovate - not only to get them up-to-date, but also to create a better future
5.       Services industries - where 50-70% of all jobs will disappear or be automated in the next decade
6.       Seniors over 65 - who in Australia make up under 15% of the population but own 50% of the wealth.   They have a wide range of different needs now
7.        Millennials, now aged 17-37 who between them both constitute our future and are creating it.

We are, of course, not limited to these areas....  See this video from our You Tube channel

Learn more

If you would like to know more - or become a Foundation Member - right now
        and assist us build our ten 'pods' and create the community,  you can fill in the form below.

Or you can contact Neville Christie, the Initiator of Innovating Cosmos, on +61 420 978 932.   Or at

What you gain as a member of Innovating Cosmos

You gain access, and can contribute,  to:   Our resource-packed web site.   Other members.  A growing portfolio of ideas and opportunities.  Resources.  A weekly podcast.  Our custom-built YouTube channel.  Events.... All focused on you innovating.  

Innovating more often   
Innovating collaboratively  
Innovating about more and different things   
Innovating for profit or for social good   
Innovating more effectively and successfully   
Innovating for greater benefits and rewards...

We will delight in welcoming you as a Foundation Member.    Now!   Or after 31st JUly 2017.  


Neville D Christie
Neville Christie
Innovating Cosmos

Idealistic?  Yes!   Impossible?   Who says!    Do-able?  Why not! 

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”  - claims famous US anthropologist Margaret Mead who studied major changes in many societies, and how they happened.


Our DNA:

Innovating Cosmos exists…    because, globally, humankind faces a tsunami of ‘intractable’ problems, which smoulder, and grow in intensity, until we - as collaborating innovators - transform them. 

Our job…  to positively transform our cosmos -  and make life better, more sustainable, ‘richer’ for all: “one idea, one person, one problem, one opportunity, one project, one technology, one innovation, one organisation, one institution, one nation at a time.” 

Our affirmation…    every citizen - from the least empowered, to the most powerful - is an agent of change and transformation. Innovating is everyone’s talent and everyone's job.  And, whenever we - as individuals, teams or tribes -  focus, collaborate, commit, and act,  we change our world.

As a community, we do our job…    when we facilitate, inform and focus member innovators all round the globe to self-select, collaborate and apply their talent and resources – one possibility at a time.

Revised launch date;   30 September 2017

You can find us at:
Suite 802/ 325 Collins St

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri: 10:00 - 18:00 00:00 - 00:00

Please fill in the form below and we will be in touch with you as
soon as possible.

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